Basic 14 Muscle Group Rebalance £45 - or Advanced £75


If you feel that you can’t reach your full potential, if you feel blocked, if your goals seem too far away and unreachable, if you keep sabotaging yourself, if you don’t have enough self-esteem, if you have difficulties communicating, if you are having relationship problems, health issues, if you are troubled by some allergy, if your life is made more difficult by some addiction, compulsion or other chronic problem, then with the methods of kinesiology you can change these.

After just two kinesiology sessions, I feel so much better. My energy levels are good and I feel a lot happier in myself
What is Kinesiology?
What are the benefits of kinesiology?
Is it a kinesiology a safe treatment?

Purchase a block of treatments, get one free - 6for5 (16.6% discount) or two free - 10for8 (20% discount).

Also  25% discount if you add a 2nd treatment to your booking (T&C’s: cheapest treatment is reduced by 25%, both must be taken at same time, cannot be used with other discounts).

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