Boost Your Overall Health


Reiki is a gentle and natural energy healing system which can be used to target specific health concerns or as a relaxation technique to promote general wellbeing. Thought to open the body’s energy channels to accelerate physical, and emotional healing. During a session the practitioner channels energy through their hands using their intuition to sense where healing is needed most. There is little or no pressure making this treatment safe for any age group including pregnant women and those recovering from surgery. Reiki is administered fully clothed and can sometimes bring feelings of heat, cool, or tingling. Rei (universal being) ki (life force) is an ancient treatment modality thought to date back thousands of years. Non-invasive, it is very relaxing and can be administered remotely too.

“Just to let you know my head didn’t hurt for the first time last night and I felt more like my former self which I didn’t quite recognise at first. I slept well too and felt very relaxed. Thank you!”