Boost Your Overall Health


Do you want to feel healthier and pain-less? My Shiatsu sessions incorporate both what Shiatsu can do for you and what you can do for yourself.

It is a common misconception that Shiatsu is mainly a treatment for temporary relief from stiff shoulders and back pain. The human body has an incredible natural ability to self-heal. However, this mechanism is activated when the myriad of healthy cells are working together to promote proper circulation of the blood and lymph which in turn helps to maintain healthy organs, the autonomic nervous system, muscle function and body alignment. This is exactly where Shiatsu comes in to aid this process.

Not to compare an automobile with the human body, but an automobile requires habitual maintenance in order to ‘fire on all cylinders’. It is well known that Shiatsu treatments work to bring together all these functions cited above in order to maintain optimum health. Shiatsu can work for you to sustain and support good overall health which is key to preventing acute and chronic conditions (see Shiatsu Background).

“As a medical professional, Shiatsu provides me with a unique opportunity to effectively manage the daily stress that my mind and body endure. I recommend Shiatsu as an essential part of any personal wellness plan.””